Break the Corporate
Communications Mold.

Our services are designed to amplify your organization's stories, your strategic messages, your employee's achievements and your mission and vision.

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Strategic Planning

We can help you create a communication plan that redefines your role in the organization as a strategic counselor, helps employees connect the dots and contribute to success, and helps employees connect to their colleagues … no matter where they work.

Training your way that energizes and hits home! From either a one-off training to a whole series or program, we customize writing and communication training for all of your audiences: From seasoned communicators to leaders and from managers to ‘non-writers.’

Communication Audits, Measurement and Research

This is our specialty! Using surveys, focus groups, executive interviews and vehicle and editorial analysis, we’ll help you understand your audiences and get the insights you need to fuel a successful communication plan.

We'll bring your content to life ... no matter where it lives: Social media, Intranet, websites, executive communications, blogs, videos, training materials, signage and print materials.

Internal Branding

There's no such thing as a successful external brand without a successful internal brand. We'll help you create your internal brand and voice that resonates with employees and helps contribute to a healthy culture.

We can literally become an extension of your team. In this format, we offer a variety of ongoing services . . . from strategy review, writing and editing, leadership/executive coaching and more!

Speaking Engagements

Let us help you inspire and energize your audiences for keynotes, conference sessions and off-site retreats.

Intranet/Channel Strategy

Don’t just ‘turn on’ another channel, create a strategy behind it. Whether it's your intranet, mobile, email or e-newsletters – we can help you ‘clean house’ and create and use the channels that make the most sense for your goals, content and audiences.

Team Retreats

Refresh and re-energize your team! We can develop a full-day or multi-day program to include career development, training, and team building sessions and activities.

From order taker to strategic counselor.

It’s time to ditch the ‘old school’ way of just reacting to a bunch of communication requests and adopt a modern, proactive and strategic approach to your communications based on industry best practices.  We'll give you the insights, tools and strategies you need to transform your role from the Company Kinkos taking orders, to a strategic counselor providing direction and value and delivering results.