Our Services

Crescenzo Communications has been in the communication industry for more than 20 years and we’re very passionate about what we do.  We’ve worked with and trained thousands of communicators – and we bring that experience inside your organization. Download a PDF brochure of our services.

It’s Time to Check In …

As some employees are beginning to return to the workplace (or not!), it’s time to revisit your content and measure how you are doing.

We offer quick, easy and effective ways to take a quick pulse of your content and audiences and help you understand where you need to go with your communication strategy as we start the ‘post- Covid’ chapter.

Strategic Planning

We can help you create a communication plan that delivers results: One that redefines your role in the organization as a strategic counselor, helps employees connect the dots and contribute to success, and helps employees connect to their colleagues … no matter where they work.

Communication Audits and Research

We specialize in employee communication audits and research and know the best strategies to help you understand what’s working and what’s not. Using surveys, focus groups, executive interviews and vehicle analysis, we’ll get the insights you need to fuel a successful communication plan.

Customized Training

Brush up on the hottest topics in the industry! We can customize the topics, format, and length of your training according to your needs. From seasoned communicators and content contributors/SMEs and from leaders and managers to ‘non-writers’ who create some form of communications/content to your audiences, we deliver communication and writing training that matches their level of expertise, delivers results, energizes and hits home!

Content Strategy

Create killer content for your Intranet, websites, blogs, videos, training materials, signage and print materials.

Speaking and Special Events

Let us help you inspire and energize your audiences for keynotes, conference sessions and off-site retreats.

Editorial Analysis

Is your communication team set up for success? We’ll work with you to determine the best way to organize and structure your team and editorial processes so that you can create and deliver the content that counts and represents all areas of your organization.

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