You don't need a stuffy consultant. You need a strategic partner that can shake things up.

You need experienced communicators who understand your business and culture inside and out … and can then provide creativity and proven strategies and best practices that make sense for your organization.  That’s exactly who we are, and what we do. And, we'd love to do it for your organization!

Meet Steve.

I’ve been fighting the good fight in corporate communications for more than 25 years. My goal: take the "corporate" out of corporate communications and replace it with "creative."

And that's what I do. Through my work as a consultant, writer, speaker and workshop leader, I've helped thousands of communicators around the world break the habit of creating boring, formulaic, jargon-ridden corporate content.

I'm proud to say I've been voted the #1-rated speaker at the International Association of Business Communicators World Conference seven times, including three years in a row. And I've received top rankings at conferences all over the world.

It's been quite a ride over the years... but we're not done yet! We would love to meet you and talk with you about how we can break the 'corporate communications mold' at your organization.

Oh . . . and I am not as mean as I look in that photo. I find that when I make a "serious" face I don't look as fat!

Let's talk! 

Meet Cindy.

As an admitted numbers geek, I bring more than 20 years of experience in communication research, measurement and strategic planning.

One of the top questions Steve gets asked after showing organizations how he can transform their cookie-cutter corporate communications, is: HOW? How do you convince leaders to embrace a new, creative way of communicating?

The answer? Give them the one-two punch. Show them the old way doesn't work anymore through communication measurement, and then show them the strategy behind the creativity with a communication plan that delivers results.

As a consultant and seminar leader, it's my goal to help communicators master communications measurement and planning.

I'd love to talk with you about how we can help you get the powerful data you need to transform communications in your organization!

Make the important interesting.

Let's be honest. Most of the topics we write about in corporate communications aren't sexy. That said, it doesn't mean we can't make our content compelling.

Using our 4Cs strategy: Conversational, Compelling, Creative and Concise ... we'll transform boring, formulaic corporate topics into engaging content that grabs attention.

We'll show you how!