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*Currently offering virtual workshops through 2020 due to Covid-19.

Writing for Today’s Audiences

How to switch gears and write effectively for print, online content, Web 2.0 vehicles, and multimedia channels.

The modern writer has a lot of hats to wear. They still have to write for traditional vehicles, such as print publications, Web sites, and intranets. But they also have to create content for social media vehicles, such as blogs and Twitter. And, if they’re smart, they should also be thinking about writing for multimedia channels such as video and podcasts.

We’ll will show you:

  • How to shift gears and change your writing style when you move between blogs, traditional stories, podcasts, print writing, and writing for the Web.
  • How to take traditional journalism rules for great writing and apply them to every vehicle you’re writing for.
  • How to inject personality and character into your writing when you’re creating content for social media outlets.
  • How to master the two kinds of writing needed to succeed in today’s communication environment.
  • The power of the “Holy Trinity”: headlines, leads, and quotes—all of which you can use in your blogs.
  • The fundamentals of good writing—all of which can be applied to anything you write, from e-mails and news stories to white papers and brochures.
  • How to be a better editor of yourself . . . and others
  • How to ditch the “corporate copy” and bring your stories to life