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*Currently offering virtual workshops through 2020 due to Covid-19.

How to Produce Consumer-Quality Content

Use the same tactics, tricks and practices the “real world” media uses to reach, entertain, engage, inform, and motivate your internal audiences.

There’s no reason “corporate” communication has to be dry, boring and repetitive. Even the dullest corporate topics can be brought to life if you pay attention to what writers and producers in the real world do to attract and retain their audiences—and then apply those tactics to your own communication vehicles.

We’ll use dozens of examples from the real world to show you how to:

  • Create compelling, consumer-quality content for all your vehicles—online, social media, multimedia, and print publications;
  • Cut through the organizational clutter and debris and make sure your most important messages are getting through to the internal audience;
  • Turn your employees into powerful ambassadors for the organization, with creative communications that inspire them to action;
  • Steal time-tested tactics from news web sites, consumer magazines, entertainment sites, daily newspapers . . . even reality TV!
  • How to think like a marketer—and create the kind of content you know your audience will pay attention to.
  • How to get management and leadership to buy into your new vision of “consumer quality” communications inside the organization.