Customized Training and Speaking Topics

Are you tired of generic, cookie-cutter training sessions and workshops? Don’t have the budget to send you or your team to industry conferences? We’ll create a customized workshop using your materials, directly addressing your challenges, using your content. We’ll energize your team and audiences and focus on the topics you specifically want to cover. The result? Powerful, affordable training that is relevant and hits home.

We can bring any of our workshops to your organization or conference and you can mix and match whatever topics appeal to you most.  The quantity, length and timing of the workshops are all customizable as well. Contact us today to talk about your needs!

Executive Communication Best Practices

Helping today’s leaders communicate with today’s audiences.

Modern communication tools such as blogs, Teams, mobile, podcasts, Yammer, and video are changing the way organizations communicate—and corporate executives need to catch up. The days when all you needed for executive communication was an “Executive Letter” on page two of a print publication are over. Your executives need to get up to speed on the latest communication tools . . .and they need your help.

In this information-packed session filled with real-life examples and best practices, you’ll learn:

  • How to help your executives move out of their comfort zones and embrace the new communication tools available to them;
  • How to coach your leaders, and help them understand that modern communciations tools are more than just new channels . . . that they represent a whole new way to communicate to every audience you have;
  • How you can start using podcasts and video right now—without increasing your budget—to reach, engage, and motivate your workforce;
  • How to turn traditional, one-way executive communication vehicles into interactive, ongoing, two-way conversations between the workforce and its leaders;
  • How to help your executives change their tone, style and content so that it fits into the social media world.