Customized Training and Speaking Topics

Are you tired of generic, cookie-cutter training sessions and workshops? Don’t have the budget to send you or your team to industry conferences? We’ll recreate a customized workshop using your materials. We’ll energize your team and audiences and focus on the topics you specifically want to cover. The result? Powerful training that is relevant and hits home.

We can bring any of our workshops to your organization or conference and you can mix and match whatever topics appeal to you most.  Whether it’s one or two hours, a half-day or a full day, we’ll work with you to customize these topics to the needs of your team. We can also customize a series of virtual workshops and webinars to create an ongoing training program. Contact us today to talk about your needs!

*Currently offering virtual workshops through 2020 due to Covid-19.

Cutting Through the Clutter

Creating communications that people will actually pay attention to . . . and act on!

Let’s face it: It’s getting harder and harder to capture our audiences’ attention with our communication efforts. Limited attention spans, increased workloads, more and more competition . . . these things are making it almost impossible for our key messages to get through. Almost impossible . . . but not impossible. Not if you change the very nature of how you communicate. We will draw from dozens of real-life examples to show you:

  • How to take those tired, old stories and flip them upside down — so that people actually pay attention to them
  • How to use the “Four C” method to create content that is Concise, Conversational, Compelling and Creative
  • How to start using the new tools available to communicators — including social media and multimedia channels
  • How to find and tell the kinds of stories that will cut through the information clutter that is so rampant in your organization
  • How to start using all of your channels together to reach, engage, motivate and inform your various audiences
  • The importance of great visuals, and how to use them in your communication vehicles
  • How to start using your vehicles to change the culture in your organization from “We’ve always done it this way,” to “Let’s try something different and see if it works.”