Master Corporate Writing Techniques that Deliver Results!

If you want to reach, engage, influence, and educate your most important audiences, you need to master two different kinds of writing:

The short, concise, tight writing best used for online news stories, e-mails, bulletins, alerts, and home page copy. But you also have to shift gears and be able to tell stories—using words, graphics, and multimedia. Our Virtual Writing Master Class will show you how to do both.


Steve Crescenzo is a powerhouse! His workshop was hard-hitting, relevant, and to-the-point.
Mabel Oshiro | The Aerospace Corp.

If you want to take your team’s writing to the next level, and develop fool-proof ways to measure whether or not it’s working, this Master Class is for you. And when you think what it would cost to bring top-rated speaker Steve Crescenzo into your organization to deliver this content, you’re practically getting it for free!

Our Writing Master Class is offered in two parts. You can sign up for one or both of the virtual workshops (we recommend both!). We offer steep discounts for groups, so your entire team can participate.

Workshop #1: Respect your readers: Lose the corporate B.S. and ‘write tight’ for mobile and virtual workers

The first Webinar is all about writing tight and ditching the corporate jargon that pollutes so much of our content. You’ll learn:

  • How respect your readers, “write tight”—and make every word count
  • How to write for the reader not the approver­
  • How to make sure the three most important questions in an announcement or news article stand out: What? So What? Now What?
  • How to write for the Web 3.0: Mastering the 5-50-5-50 rule
  • How to layer your online information . . . so readers can decide how much time they want to spend with your content
  • How to craft the perfect news headline . . . so even if the readers only skim the headline they still get the most important news
  • How to boil down hundreds and hundreds of words into a single, solid summary
  • How to edit yourself . . . and make sure your copy is as tight as can be

Workshop #2: Master the art of corporate storytelling

It’s time to shift gears from short, tight writing to telling stories . . . and here’s where the fun really begins. In Part 2 of the series, you’ll learn:

  • How to Tap into the power of storytelling to engage your most important audiences
  • How to take those tired, old stories and flip them upside down — so that people actually pay attention to them;
  • How to find and use the one element guaranteed to make your content more compelling: PEOPLE
  • How to write effective feature leads that pull people into your content . . . and keep them reading
  • How to start using the new tools available to communicators — including social media and multimedia channels to tell your best stories in the right channels
  • How to tap into the best source of your organization’s stories: your employees
  • How to start using all of your channels together to reach, engage, motivate, and inform your various audiences
  • How to train yourself, and your team, to “keep digging” until they hit storytelling gold
“Steve’s style and stories were far more engaging and interesting to me than any other professional training class I have taken in a long time. He is able to directly apply realistic ways to be more creative in the corporate world.”
Shaun Maccoun | Southern California Edison

This isn’t your typical, same-old webinar

We didn’t want to just do a “Webinar” version of the of our Writing Master Class. That’s no fun.

We wanted to take everything we love about our face-to-face seminars—fun exercises, valuable takeaways, dialogue, Q&A, networking and of course the case studies and best practices—and bring it to the virtual world.

We are even going to schedule voluntary, virtual “Happy Hours!” It just wouldn’t be a Crescenzo Communications event without our Happy Hour! We’ll schedule a Zoom cocktail hour with the group to swap stories, network, trade ideas, and commiserate with each other. It’ll be like Group Therapy!
BYOB, unless we can figure out a way to pay for your booze).

When is it?

We know you don’t want to sit in front of a computer all day, so we’ve broken it up into two 2-hour workshops. You can register for either one workshop, or both at a discounted price. Each workshop will be presented live according to the following schedule:

  • Wednesday, December 9, 2020: 1:00 – 3:00 CST
  • Thursday, December 10, 2020: 1:00 – 3:00 CST

And one great thing: If you or someone on your team can’t make your workshop on either day, you will get a recording of each session, so you can watch it when it fits best in your schedule.

Get free stuff, too!

Every registrant will receive the following … completely FREE

  • From Corporate to Creative Writing-Tips E-book
  • How to Guide: Streamline your Editorial Workflow with Microsoft Teams

“This is the first seminar that made me laugh like I was visiting a comedy club, but also allowed me to walk away with invaluable information.”   Angelica Evans | Johns Hopkins

“I have seen Steve speak several times, and he always is so funny and informative. I describe his sessions like doing a mini Corporate Communication MBA with a Jon Stewart Daily Show twist.”  Ruth Hatch | BMO Financial Group