Strategic Planning

If you fail to plan, you can plan on failing…so let us help you build a strategy that will allow you to reach, engage, educate and motivate your audiences.




We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” communication plan. We need to work closely with you to understand your business, culture, audiences and vehicles. The result? A communication strategy that not only educates your audience, but engages them as well!

And unlike most communication strategies, which sit on the shelf and gather dust until it’s time to dust them off again and redo them…you will use the strategy we create together. Every day. It will help you move from the role of “order taker” to strategic communications counselor.

With our day-long customized strategy session and field-tested tools we’ve used in other organizations, we can help you create a communication strategy specifically targeted for your organization based on your communication goals and objectives.

By the end of our strategy session we’ll:

  • Outline the strategic goals of the communication team that will serve as the foundation of your plan.
  • Outline the strategic goals of the organization, and draw a direct line from them to communications
  • Outline your audience needs
  • Define your key messages
  • Align your messages and audience with the proper vehicle(s)
  • Help you balance the “need to know” content with the “nice to know” content
  • Identify tactics and timing: what do you need to do, or have in place to carry out this strategy or overcome your challenges?
  • Create a content strategy that will allow you to do less…and do it better
  • Create an overall timeline for your communications strategy tied to key objectives and milestones
  • Craft a measurement plan so you have an ongoing understanding of what’s working and what’s not

We can even become a part of your communication team and help you put your plan in motion at your organization!