Content Strategy

Creating content that people will actually pay attention to . . . and act on!



We live in a content-saturated world.

It’s getting harder and harder to capture our audiences’ attention with our communication efforts. Limited attention spans, increased workloads, more and more competition . . . these things are making it almost impossible for our key messages to get through. Almost impossible . . . but not impossible.

Not if you change the very nature of how you create content, and take the “corporate” out of “corporate communications” and replace it with “Creative.” Crescenzo Communications can help you improve your content across all media.

We will work with you to:

  • Take those tired, old stories and flip them upside down — so that people actually pay attention to them
  • Help coach your executives and subject-matter experts so they help you create great content—instead of serving as an obstacle.
  • Make the important interesting
  • Use the new tools available to communicators — including social media and multimedia channels—to turn one-way content into interactive discussions
  • Find and tell the kinds of stories that will cut through the information clutter that is so rampant in your organization
  • Use all of your channels together to reach, engage, motivate, and inform your various audiences
  • Use your vehicles to change the culture in your organization from “We’ve always done it this way,” to “Let’s try something different and see if it works.”
  • Change hats and write effectively across all media