Communication Audits and Research and Measurement

Understand your audiences, evaluate your current vehicles, and get the insights you need to build a successful communication plan.


The most successful communication plans start with listening.

As trainers and consultants, we always find ourselves saying
the same thing: “Do less and do it better.” But how do you know what to do away with? How do you convince executives that you need to communicate differently? How do you move from being “everybody’s private publisher” to a strategic communication counselor?

Bottom line: You can’t make the move without research and measurement. They are the foundation for every successful communication plan.

Crescenzo Communications can help you understand your audiences and conduct the research you need to create communications that are tied to your organizational goals and strategies, but still engage your audiences:

  • Surveys: Get the numbers you need to build a business case to communicate differently.
  • Focus Groups: Get the ‘why’ behind the numbers.
  • Vehicle and Editorial Analysis: How do your vehicles and editorial process measure up to industry best practices?
  • Executive Interviews: How can your communications help your organization succeed?

These audit, measurement and research options are designed to be flexible with your needs and your budget, as you can mix and match any or all of the services you feel you need. However, when used together, these services are proven to give you in-depth, well-rounded input from your leaders, your audiences, and industry best practices — all of which will help you to create and carry out a solid communication plan. Contact us today to talk about your needs!