Communication Audits and Research and Measurement

Understand your audiences, evaluate your current vehicles, and get the insights you need to build a successful communication plan.


As trainers and consultants, we always find ourselves saying the same thing: “Do less and do it better.” But how do you know what to do away with? How do you convince executives that you need to communicate differently? How do you move from “everybody’s private publisher” to strategic communication counselor?

Bottom line: You can’t make the move without research and measurement. They are the foundation for every successful communication plan.

What’s working? What’s not? What’s important to your audiences? What’s the best way to reach them? How can you not only deliver messages effectively, but also make them relevant to whoever is receiving them?

Crescenzo Communications can help you understand your audiences and conduct the research you need to create communications that are tied to your organizational goals and strategies, but still engage your audiences.

These measurement and research options are designed to be flexible with your needs and your budget, as you can mix and match any or all of the services you feel you need. However, when used together, these services are proven to give you in-depth, well-rounded input from your leaders, your audiences, and industry best practices — all of which will help you to create and carry out a solid communication plan.

Vehicle Analysis

How do your internal vehicles measure up to industry best practices, including companies from your own industry? How effective and efficient is your editorial workflow process?

We can review your vehicles virtually. We’ll answer the following questions: Are you writing in the right style and tone? Are you writing and creating content that encourages interaction, collaboration and conversation? Are you using visuals in the best way to tell your stories? Are you using multimedia to compliment your stories? Is the overall layout/design/interface easy for the user to find what they want and see the most important news? Are your vehicles working together, using an integrated strategy?

In addition to this analysis, we’ll also provide an editorial review. After reviewing your vehicles, Steve will virtually meet with the members of your team and anyone else involved in developing your content.

During the interviews with you and the team, Steve gets an in-depth look at your vehicles, your editorial process and how you gather and produce content. He’ll get an idea of what’s working and what’s not working when it comes to creating the content itself. He’ll look at the strengths and weaknesses of your communication process and flow of information. This interaction gives you a more well-rounded look at your vehicles as well as your editorial process as a whole.

During this thorough review of your existing communications channels and editorial workflow we will:

  • Review your current approach against the results of any audience research conducted to help us identify holes, if any, and improvements we might make.
  • Assess your current communications and editorial workflow process against best practices in communications, with recommendations for improvement.
  • Provide the technology to virtually interact and meet with participants


Surveys are critical to a good research strategy because they give you the numbers you need to change how you communicate to your audiences. We don’t believe in a “one-size fits all survey.” We’ll work closely with you to understand what information you need to find out from your audience and develop questions that will deliver results.

We’ll define the goals and objectives for your survey, create the questions that will deliver the insights and answers you need to put together a successful communication plan, and we’ll build a plan to distribute your survey (both online and offline, if needed).

Your questions can be developed to find out any of the following points:

  • Basic demographics
  • Satisfaction of current communications
  • Satisfaction of current communication vehicles
  • Awareness of services/benefits
  • Awareness of changes in services/benefits
  • Best channels to reach your audiences
  • Perceptions of the organization and its services
  • Topics of interest
  • Usage of social media and multi-media tools
  • Website and/or Intranet features and usage
  • Understanding of what’s missing from current communications
  • Understanding of what’s working with current communications

Once we receive the responses, we’ll analyze the survey results and write a final report detailing our findings as well as provide recommendations for moving forward.

Focus Groups

We are excited to share with you that we have invested in the latest virtual research technology, that uses AI, to accommodate our current environment due to COVID-19. Again, internal research is a completely different animal than traditional research. We wanted to lead the industry in the ‘new way’ of communicating and providing our services virtually.

Tools, like Zoom, are a very powerful, reliable way to get small groups of employees together virtually to talk about various topics. We have conducted dozens of Zoom virtual meetings in the past with great success.

That said, there are some limitations to only conducting focus groups this way. Some employees are ‘shy’ in front of a camera. Some don’t like to be recorded. Some are distracted while in a ‘virtual’ meeting. Planning around time zones and availability is crucial. And, now that most employees are working from home, we need to depend on the strength of your employee’s home network. As I’m sure you’ve discovered by now, this can present some connection issues that we normally didn’t have to worry about pre COVID-19. And, let’s face it. ‘Zoom fatigue,’ is becoming a thing.

We simply open an online session on a specific date and time and ask employees to join an interactive, real-time discussion. Just like traditional focus groups, we are not only able to plan a discussion guide, but we are also able to ask questions on the fly, in response to what we’re hearing from your employees.

We’ll work with you to define your groups and participants, craft a discussion guide that fits your specific needs, conduct the groups and analyze the findings. Your final report will include highlights, trends, gaps, and of course, the best quotes that help you see where your communications stand.

Executive Interviews

Are your communications strategic enough? The only way to find out is to talk to your executives and leaders. We’ll interview them and get their insight on how they feel about current communications and what they expect from communications in the future. All of the findings will be included in your final report.