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Respect Your Readers

September 29, 2021
12:55 p.m. EST-1:40 p.m. EST

Lose the jargon and ‘write tight’ for busy people

Steve Crescenzo presents this session at the ALI Storytelling and Writing Best Practices Conference from September 28-29, 2021.

People today have very limited attention spans. That’s why it’s critical to “write tight” and structure information for the online reader, who may even be reading it on their phones.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Respect your readers, “write tight”—and make every word count
  • Write for the Modern Web: Mastering the 5-50-5-50 rule
  • Layer your online information so readers can decide how much time they want to spend with your content
  • Do feature stories online, when nobody has time to read anymore
  • Craft the perfect news headline so even if the readers only skim the headline, they still get the most important news
  • Boil down hundreds and hundreds of words into a single, solid summary
  • Edit yourself and make sure your copy is as tight as can be

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Measuring Government Communications

September 24, 2021
10:30 a.m. CST-11:15 a.m. CST

Cindy Crescenzo teaches this session as part of the ALI Government Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Strategies Conference from June 23-24, 2021.

You don’t always have access to the most new, modern communication tools that have metrics built in, and you don’t always have a team large enough to take the time to carry out extensive audience research. In this practical session packed with ideas and strategies you can use right away, Cindy will show you how to gather the insights that will fuel an effective communication strategy – despite your unique challenges as a government communicator. 

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Handling the Hybrid Workforce

September 21, 2021
1:05 p.m. EST-1:40 p.m. EST

What will employees want … and need?

Steve Crescenzo presents this session at the 5th Annual ALI Digital Communication Summit: Employee Engagement Tools & Strategies for a Hybrid Workforce. 

A company is only as good as its culture. When a company lacks an inclusive, connected culture, productivity can suffer. With the craziness of the past year, many companies are struggling to connect with employees. What do employees want and need from communications, their managers, and leadership?

This deep dive workshop will cover: 

  • What kinds of information and stories do employees—both in the workforce and at home—need as they navigate the hybrid workforce?
  • What can communications do to hold a fractured culture together—or rebuild it from the ground up if necessary
  • How to find and write the kinds of stories that will help people thrive in the “new normal,” . . . whatever that looks like
  • How to coach your executives as they navigate the new normal

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Employee Communications for Today

August 24, 2021
11:00 A.M. EST-3:00 P.M. EST

Strategic Planning, Measurement, And Content Creation Best Practices For Your Corporate Communications

In this often sold-out Master Class, Steve and Cindy Crescenzo cover the hottest topics and trends in employee communications. They’ll walk you through dozens of strategies and case studies where you’ll learn:

  • How to shift your role from being everyone’s private publisher—a glorified company Kinkos!—to a strategic counselor to internal clients and leadership.
  • The most effective way to link your communications to your organization’s strategic goals, while creating targeted, compelling content.
  • The latest trends with executive communications and practical advice on how to get your leaders to embrace the new way of communicating.
  • How to take those tired, old corporate/organizational stories and flip them upside down—so that people actually pay attention to them.
  • How to start using the latest tools available to communicators— including O365, virtual town halls, social media, and multimedia channels.
  • How to create a content strategy for the modern audience—including a hybrid workforce, remote employees, and front-line employees who don’t sit at a computer all day.
  • How to develop an effective research strategy so you know what works and what doesn’t work.
  • How to create a measurement dashboard that helps you see at a glance how your communication efforts are helping achieve your organization’s goals.
  • How to create a practical, workable communication plan that will guide all your efforts and evolve with all the changes constantly coming our way.

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Executive Communications After Covid: Embrace the New Reality

July 27, 2021
11:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Steve Crescenzo presents this session as part of the ALI 8th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference from July 27-29, 2021.

The pandemic has reshaped how companies, and their leaders, communicate. As one CEO said: “I think this has changed things forever. I don’t think there is any going back.” Today’s leaders are embracing a new way of communicating: more relaxed, transparent, and non-corporate. BUT .  .  .. they need our help. Professional communicators need to step up and be advisors, coaches, and partners with company leadership. This session will show you how.

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Move Beyond Metrics and Measure What’s Important: Behavior

June 30, 2021
7:30 p.m. -7:50 p.m.

Cindy Crescenzo is presenting this as a conference session at the IABC World Conference from June 28-30, 2021.

It IS about time! We’ve finally got a seat at the table, and we’ve got to keep it!   But, that’s not going to happen if all we’re reporting are clicks and views. We need to know how to ask the right questions and use the right tools to report the single most important measure in communications: behavior. This session will bring the latest communication measurement best-practices to life through case studies and proven strategies and show you how to measure beyond metrics.

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Respect Your Employees: Write for the reader, not the approver!

May 20, 2021
1:00 PM-2:00 PM

Great writing is at the core of everything we do: articles, social media, e-mail, bulletins, even videos. Unfortunately, most “corporate writing” just isn’t good enough. Nobody wants you to “shift their paradigm” or “leverage their core competency.” We need to harness the power of what works in the real world. This webinar is all about the fundamentals of powerful, effective writing. You’ll learn:

  • How to strip the jargon out of your writing once and for all
  • How to write in a conversational fashion while still being professional
  • The power of headlines, leads, quotes, and verbs
  • Writing for the modern Web
  • How to “write tight” and respect your readers
  • How to write for the reader, not the approver

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Employee Engagement: The Communicator’s Role

April 21, 2021
11:40 a.m. -12:25 p.m.

Steve Crescenzo presents his session at the Advanced Learning Institute
Internal Communications Today: Strategies For Engaging Remote, Non-Desk, Frontline, & Dispersed Employees Conference
April 21- April 22, 2021

Employee Engagement: The Communicator’s Role
April 21 • 
11:40 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. CST

Engaging employees is a complicated process . . . but communicators can play a critical role in making it happen

Creating an engaged workforce is a complicated process that involves the entire organization—from leaders and managers to HR and Communications. The question is, where does communications fit in the process? What is our role? What can we do to drive employee engagement?

In this session, Steve Crescenzo will show you:

  • How to use your existing communications channels to reach, motivate and engage your workforce
  • How to tap into the power of the latest communication tools – including social media and multimedia – to drive employee engagement
  • How to help coach your leaders so that they are helping the engagement effort, rather than hurting it
  • Five things you can do that will help employees feel like “owners” of the company
  • How to involve employees themselves in the engagement process – through the use of your communication channels.

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Strategic, Creative Corporate Communications

March 31, 2021
11:10 a.m. -11:50 a.m.

Steve Crescenzo presents his session at the Advanced Learning Institute
Digital Workplace Summit Conference
March 31-April 1, 2021

Strategic, Creative Corporate Communications
March 31 • 
11:10 a.m. – 11:50 a.m. CST

Using Creative Tactics And Channels To Help Your Organization Achieve Its Strategic Goals And Objectives

The old corporate way of communicating just doesn’t work anymore. Boring, stiff, jargon-filled corporate stories won’t cut it. You’ve got to find a way to grab your audiences’ attention. You’ve got to take the ‘corporate’ out of corporate communication and replace it with ‘creative.’ This conference session with Steve Crescenzo will show you how to:

  • Take those tired, old stories and flip them upside down — so that people pay attention to them
  • Make the important interesting
  • Start using the new tools available to communicators — including social media and multimedia channels
  • Find and tell the kinds of stories that will cut through the information clutter that is so rampant in your organization
  • Develop the right research strategy so you know what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Understand the basics of ‘Guerilla Research’ so that you constantly have a read on your audiences’ needs

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Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times

March 24, 2021 - March 25, 2021

Steve Crescenzo presents his session at the Advanced Learning Institute
Storytelling for Internal Communications Conference
March 24-25, 2021

Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times
March 24 • 
1:05-1:55 p.m. CST

Employees today are feeling more disconnected than ever. They are working from home, not seeing their colleagues, and have Zoom and Teams fatigue. This spells opportunity for communicators. We can create content that can drive engagement, reinforce the corporate culture, and connect employees to each other and leaders. This webinar will show you how to do exactly that. You’ll learn:

  • How to use storytelling techniques to connect employees to each other
  • How to find the most important stories in your organization . . . And tell them in compelling fashion
  • How to avoid the “Four Deadly Ps” that kill corporate content
  • How to use tools like empathy maps to tap into employee emotions
  • How to create content that will reinforce the corporate culture . . . Even when so many people are working from home

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