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Great Writing is built on specificity

Great writing is built on specificity By Steve Crescenzo Organizational leaders love to talk about “the big picture.” They love to talk about “the view from 30,000 feet.” Why? Because that’s where they live. They sit up there on the corporate version of Mount Olympus, and hurl communication thunderbolts down upon the masses in the …

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Writing across all media

Imagine for a second that you’re a communicator at a large organization. It’s Tuesday morning, and you’re busy sketching out your plans for the next Town Hall meeting, when the phone rings. It’s the VP of Communications and she has an assignment for you: “We’re giving out this year’s Chairman’s Award,” she says. “Get …

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Leaping the biggest hurdle to creative communication

This article was my last column in IABC’s Communication World. I’ve retired that column, to focus on Low Hanging Fruit. The obstacles to being creative inside an organization are many, varied, and tough to overcome . . . but it all starts with taming the approval process Writing for organizations is hard. Being creative inside organizations …

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