Play this game and win . . . knowledge!

People love contests. If you’re on Facebook, you know this. There are some of the dumbest quizzes in the world out there, and millions of people take them. They all say: Take this quiz to find out:

  • What character from Game of Thrones would you be?
  • If we can guess your real age
  • What your superpower would be if you were a superhero

Well . . . what if you could tap into love for quizzes to educate employees on important topics? A lot of smart companies are doing just that. (A fancy word for it is “gamification.”) Here are two examples:

Duke Energy: Using history quizzes to bring the company’s past to life

The business goal was to educate employees about the history of the company, and how it was built. So they did it in quizzes. In this one, they talk about how Cincinnati Gas & Electric, founded in 1847, eventually became Cinergy, and then Cinergy merged with Duke. Kind of a dry topic for an article . . . but a fun quiz! Here’s what it looked like:







Alaska Airlines: Using quizzes to help explain a recent merger

Our friends at Alaska Airlines do some of the best employee communications in the business. And they have a lot of fun while they are at it. They use a quizzes a lot to engage the workforce. A couple of years ago, when they merged with another airline, they used a quiz to educate the workforce about the integration. (By the way, they also offer prizes!):


What about you? Have you used quizzes or any other form of gamification to help communicate an important topic in your organization? What worked and what didn’t? I’d love to hear from you!

One response to Play this game and win . . . knowledge!

  1. Bill Spaniel

    Perhaps the most popular quiz format is that of TV’s Jeopardy. The quiz taker has to provide the question to a given answer. Regardless, I agree that quizzes get people more interested in a topic–especially dull topics–than if they just read a presentation of facts. And offering prizes is the chocolate coating on an ice cream bar.

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