Facebook is getting personal. A little too personal.


I’ve been hearing a lot of people complaining that Facebook is getting a little too personal, by asking them all kinds of weird questions in their status box.

Creepy stuff, like: “How are you feeling today?” And, What’s happening with you today?” And, “When’s the last time you had sex?”

Okay, I made that last one up. But Facebook does appear to be getting more personal.

But not to me. I still have the original, “What’s on your mind?” that pops up in my status box. But I’m ready for when they ask me more personal questions. When they start asking me questions like “What are you doing?” I’ve got a whole slew of answers ready.

The idea is to confuse the hell out of Facebook and the Zuckerbergions, and see what kinds of ads they try to put on my page!! Imagine a Big Brother Facebooker trying to figure out what to sell a guy that answers the “What are you doing?” question with these answers:

“Mixing up a batch of crystal meth in my bathtub.”

“Getting ready for the annual Scrapbooking Fair in Galena this weekend.”

“Hanging my new Taiwanese Swinging Sex Basket in the guest bedroom.”

“Making homemade scones and muffins for my son’s school’s bake sale.”

“Getting another ass tattoo. Can’t have enough ass tattoos!!”

“Practicing for tonight’s choir practice. Gonna be a goody!!”

“Trying to figure out how to buy Oxycontin over the Internet. Anyone have any tips?”

“Watching Fried Green Tomatoes and, of course, bawling my eyes out again!”

“Tuning up my Harley and rolling loose joints for this year’s Sturgis Run!”

“Just two words: ‘Glee marathon!!!!’”

I’ll let you know what kind of ads I get!!

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