I’ll show you my open rates if you show me yours …

How do your email communications measure up?

One of the most common questions I get as an employee communications consultant/trainer/speaker is:

What is a good open rate for communication e-mails?

I have never been able to find that number. And, truth be told, if someone says they have it, I would be skeptical. VERY skeptical. There are just far too many variables.

How many employees are online? How many who are offline can access e-mail some other way? What is the e-mail traffic at your company? Is it overwhelming? Is it the primary communication vehicle? Is it just one of many? Does the information in the e-mail appear somewhere else, such as the intranet?

What kind of reputation do corporate e-mails have? Are the horribly written (most are), too long (most are) and confusing (many are)? Are they written for the screen (most aren’t)? Are they easy to scan?

Are you talking about one-off e-mails on specific topics, or a regular communication newsletter with a set frequency?

Who is the e-mail coming from? The CEO? HR? Communications?

If you are talking about a regular, well-written, well-designed newsletter with relevant content written for the screen or the phone . . . I wouldn’t be happy with less than a 75 percent open rate. But that’s me. I hold myself to a high standard!

What do you think? Anyone have any metrics they want to share? These are the types of things we’ll be talking about in our virtual Employee Communication Master Class on June 8-9. Our last one in March sold OUT with 85 people. If you missed out, join this one.

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