Hybrid workforces are here to stay. Are you and your communication strategy ready?

It’s not as simple as just ‘going back to normal.’ Covid-19 has literally reshaped how we work and the ways we work…for good. Is your communication strategy ready?

A survey of 127 company leaders by Gartner in June 2020 revealed that 82% of respondents will let employees work remote for some of the time as employees return to the workplace. But because of that, 30% of business leaders are most concerned with maintaining the corporate culture.

Communicators … this is a HUGE opportunity for us! Where does your communication strategy stand? Do you know where your employees stand as far as understanding how your company is currently doing and the direction it’s heading? Do they understand how they contribute to success? Do they feel committed to your organization and want to contribute to success? Do they feel recognized for being a part of the team and an integral part of the organization … no matter where they work?

If you’re not confident about the answers to these questions, it’s time for a Communication Tune Up.

We’ve come up with two new services that we are really proud of . . . and that are already getting rave reviews. Our Communication Tune-Ups are the perfect way to get a snapshot of how your employee communications programs, channels, content, and writing are doing right now. And, the results will help you tune-up your strategy so that you’re ready and prepared in the future.

There are two different Communication Tune-Ups:

Content Tune-Up

We take a deep dive into all your content and build a customized Tune-Up Workshop that combines critiques of your materials and industry best practices. We can assess your current strengths and weaknesses, and compare them to best practices and case studies across the industry.

We look at everything: Intranets, newsletters, mobile, social, video, executive communication, apps, podcasts . . . it all goes under the microscope.

We designed this service so you can see how you did during Covid, and what you need to change as things get back to “normal.” It’s a great way to motivate and reenergize communicators who are Covid-weary and need a charge!

Measurement Tune-Up

This is a great product if you’ve hired us to do an audit before . . . or if you’ve never done an audit with us! How did you do during Covid? How are you doing right now? What’s working, what’s not, what’s missing? What’s the plan moving forward? How do employees and leadership feel about communications?

The Measurement Tune-Up is basically a smaller, less expensive version of our major audits . . . but you still end up with the data and insights you need to build a workable communication plan, and measure it on an ongoing basis. 

And, if you choose both Tune-Ups, you’ll get a discount off both services!

We’d love to talk to you about these Tune-Ups and make sure you and your communication strategy are ready for the future! Schedule a quick, 15-minute meeting with us! 

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