Hold up! Energize your corporate photos in a flash

Welcome to the first installment of Motivational Monday! Every other Monday, we will offer our audience a short tip, best practice, or mini case study.  

 Hand in hand with that, every other Wednesday, we will feature Wednesday Wisdom, another short piece of realistic advice. So you’ll get a little shot in the arm once a week! So away we go . . .  

Tip: Never take a picture of an employee holding something . . . unless it’s a work tool, and they are actually working and not looking at the camera. 

Communicators love to take pictures of employees holding things: plaques, shovels, big scissors, themselves (the soccer penalty group shot). All those pictures suck.  

Bake a new rule into your editorial guidelines. You don’t run photos of people holding things, unless it’s a work tool, and it’s an action shot of them working. Look at the two photos below. The first is the classic corporate awards photo. Terrible.  







Then look at the second photo. Someone holding a work tool, at work. Not looking at the camera. So much better.







No more posed shots! Get shots of people doing something. We live in a visual world, so we need to dramatically improve our visuals.  

2 responses to Hold up! Energize your corporate photos in a flash

  1. Mel B

    Great point, Steve. While action pics are great, it’s important to ensure they’re vetted for H&S regs before publishing them.

  2. steve crescenzo

    Great point, Mel. Yes, photos are always a bit of a minefield . . . have to play by the rules!


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