From Corporate to Creative … how to get there!

For 25 years, I’ve been telling communicators they need to take the “corporate” out of corporate communications, and replace it with “creative.” And where is the most creative stuff happening? In the consumer world.

Everything from Artificial intelligence and mobile to gamification and humorous videos. Our job, as communicators, is to make the important interesting. We are currently helping a company recreate its intranet, and I interviewed nine executives, including the CEO. They all said they didn’t want a “corporate intranet.” They want what they get in the “real world.” So do employees. 

This is what we are talking about in our Master Class on December 2. Please join us . . . it will be a lot of great best practices, case studies, examples, trends . . . and fun! Cindy and I don’t know how to teach without having fun.

We are even hosting a BYOB Happy Hour the night of the session. Just a chance to hang out and network and do some communications Group Therapy. Does your budget fall short of the Master Class registration fees? Talk to us. I’m sure we can work something out! Even if you don’t have a budget for the Master Class, let us know if you want to join the Happy Hour, just to chat with like-minded people! In these times, we all need to stick together!

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