Data Gives You Power

This week’s tip on Low Hanging Fruit: Use data as power to communicate differently.

My wife and business partner and MUCH better half, Cindy Crescenzo, is the queen of employee communication measurement. She speaks all over the world on the topic. And her favorite thing to say is: “You never want to walk into a decision-maker’s office and say, “I think we need to . . .”. Instead, you need to be able to say, “The data is clearly showing us we need to . . .”. Executives might value your opinion. But they make decisions based on data.

We also tell our clients: We need to Do Less And Do It Better. One way to do less is to kill the stuff that isn’t working, or doesn’t fit into your strategic plan. And you need data to be able to do that.

These are the conversations we are having in our Employee Communications Master Class on December 2. Join us for the fun! We are even planning a virtual Happy Hour after the work is done! Dozens of case studies and best practices and examples will be the order of the day … don’t miss it! And, please, let us know what your biggest challenges/questions around collecting the data you need to communicate differently? We’d love to make sure we address the top questions here and in our Master Class.

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