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A major utility takes a creative approach to safety

Communicators at PPL Electric use a children’s book format to raise awareness about safety in the home When was it written that you can’t have creative fun in Corporate Communications? Who said you can’t do cool stuff? You know, different stuff? Stuff people will actually notice? I am pretty sure a memo went out in 1953 …

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Be a content provider, not a writer

This week’s Wednesday Wisdom is ripped right from the New York Times. Why? Because you can always count on them to demonstrate the latest trends in writing and communications. I’ve created a video to walk you through an example I found in the Times that shows the power of creating content vs. just writing an …

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Play this game and win . . . knowledge!

People love contests. If you’re on Facebook, you know this. There are some of the dumbest quizzes in the world out there, and millions of people take them. They all say: Take this quiz to find out: What character from Game of Thrones would you be? If we can guess your real age What your …

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