From Measurement and Research

Data Gives You Power

This week’s tip on Low Hanging Fruit: Use data as power to communicate differently. My wife and business partner and MUCH better half, Cindy Crescenzo, is the queen of employee communication measurement. She speaks all over the world on the topic. And her favorite thing to say is: “You never want to walk into a …

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I’ve got all this data, now what?

The good news about being a communicator is that there are so many ways to collect all kinds of data these days. The bad news … if you collect it, you’ve got to do something with it. Often times, we end up with that sinking feeling and we say to ourselves, “What did I just …

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Bar Charts don’t equal an infographic

Sigh … it seems that too often, left to themselves organizations will always create bad, boring content. In our Creative Communications case study in this issue, we  showed you how an infographic can be a creative and powerful way to tackle a complicated topic. But, that’s because it was well thought out and designed. Just …

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