By Cindy Crescenzo

Bar Charts don’t equal an infographic

Sigh … it seems that too often, left to themselves organizations will always create bad, boring content. In our Creative Communications case study in this issue, we  showed you how an infographic can be a creative and powerful way to tackle a complicated topic. But, that’s because it was well thought out and designed. Just …

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Maybe the worst approval process ever

Can you guess what this diagram describes? Is it: A) The blueprint for building a top-secret new generation of predator drones. B) The process for completely revamping a major manufacturing company’s supply chain system. C) A map for navigating Obamacare D) The approval process for an organization’s employee publication. If you answered, D, you’re right! …

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Which Facebook posts annoy you the most?

Mine is the “Schoolyard Bully Post” There are all kinds of annoying Facebook posts. And I’m sure everyone has their favorite least favorite ones. Maybe you hate the “Random Song Lyric” post. Or maybe the “Passive Aggressive Plea for Pity” posts do it for you (you know, the ones that just say something like, “Sigh.”) …

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