A major utility takes a creative approach to safety

Communicators at PPL Electric use a children’s book format to raise awareness about safety in the home

When was it written that you can’t have creative fun in Corporate Communications? Who said you can’t do cool stuff? You know, different stuff? Stuff people will actually notice?

I am pretty sure a memo went out in 1953 that said: “Thou shalt not have fun when communicating for your company!”

And we’ve been listening to that stupid rule ever since.

But not all of us, luckily. Some corporate communicators say to hell with that memo, and flex their creative muscles all the time.

Check out this example, from PPL, a major utility in Pennsylvania. In an effort to increase visibility of their services as well as educate children in the community about how to be safe around the house when it comes to utilities, they avoided the standard, corporate route, and ditched the press release in the hopes that the adults in the house would read it, and teach their kids about safety.

Instead, they went right to the kids. But you can’t give a kid a press release. So, they did a children’s book! Check it out!


It’s a perfect example of taking the “corporate” out of corporate communication, and replacing it with “creative.” As attention spans get smaller and smaller, and the amount of information hurtling at people every day gets bigger and bigger, we have to find ways to cut through the  noise and get noticed.

This is the kind of creative approach that will do just that.

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